Kelsey Adams talks wellness : BellaBody's Comfortable Waist Bands

Posted on Feb 27 2019


Ever since athletic corsets became big into the market, there has been much debate on the efficiency and, for some, health concerns. I have tried several other brands' workout corsets and most of them were quite disappointing due to their discomfort from the harsh boning. 

I finally had the opportunity to try out a few of Bella Body's products. So far, I'm very pleased with the results of their athletic corsets. Firstly, they are much more comfortable than the other brands that I've tried in the past. I don't wear them for long periods of time throughout the day. I only wear the waist band when I'm focusing on the cardio portion of my workout, since this is when I want to burn the most calories. 

Being aware of the how most corsets can negatively affect our bodies, it is crucial that we listen to our bodies. The great thing about BellaBody waist bands is that they aren't designed to be "too tight" for our waists. Some bands have clasps, but they also carry a line that only uses Velcro closure, which makes this line of waist bands far safer for our precious bodies. 

In the above image I'm wearing BellaBody's Sensational Waist Band. This particular band has two layers of closure, the first being an eyelet closure that has three different sizes so you can adjust your tightness as you progress and lose inches in your waistline. The second layer is simply a velcro wrap to help heat up your stomach area while you work out.These durable, neoprene bands help produce more sweat, further aiding in releasing those nasty toxins from your tummy. I have gone a whole month wearing these during my cardio sessions. I am careful not to overuse them, as too much of anything compressing our bodies is never a good thing. I only suggest wearing these while you're actively working out. I hope you all enjoy these as much I am!